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CEO Ed Wallen on how C&R Software helps people regain financial stability

In this company video, our CEO Ed Wallen discusses how when it comes to meeting financial obligations, every customer needs to have their own specific situation taken into account. In this way, he says, we can “help them through the process and figure out the next best thing to do.”

For many, debt can be overwhelming, he says. “It’s really about helping people in financial difficulty come back to a point of wellbeing.”

Wallen explains how C&R Software’s pre-packaged templates are providing fast time-to-value for clients – including those who chose C&R Software after negative experiences and failed implementations elsewhere proved costly.

“I’ve got cases where customers have achieved full ROI in under three months for the entire project,” he says.

“The software is really determining the next best action in this scenario. So you’re rapidly able to adapt to change in any scenario that comes up, including a global pandemic.”  

This personalization is core to C&R Software’s global mission to help people on their journey back to good financial health.



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