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Case Study – How One Telecom Company Met its Three Year Projected ROI in Less Than Six Months

$3.5 million more recovered while saving on commissions

Better visibility, control and results

Accounts receivable.

Bigger product/service bundles and more telecom financing mean your agencies are tasked with collecting a growing amount of money due. Improve results by predicting payment probabilities and expected collection amounts. Mathematically optimize assignments to agencies most likely to succeed with particular accounts.

Future revenue streams.

With the expense of replacing customers in today’s hypercompetitive, low-loyalty markets, telecom collections must become very effective at bringing delinquent accounts back into good standing. Gain visibility into the actions of your agencies. Use detailed activity data to make more informed assignments, communicate clear instructions and align incentives with retention as well as recovery goals.

Enterprise reputation/regulatory risk.

Outsourcing collections, in effect, outsources a little piece of responsibility for how your brand may be regarded, from both a regulatory and social point of view. Exert more control over your agencies through dashboard oversight of not only performance, but compliance statistics and
trends. Analyze activity data for regulatory risk, using what you learn to improve agency selection, negotiations and communications.

Increasing analytic insight for collections segmentation

By using analytics purpose-built for collections, you can create more granular segments for more precise decisions about when to outsource delinquent accounts and which agencies to assign them to. Custom Collection & Recovery Models, for instance, rank order delinquent accounts by probability of payment and expected collection amount. They’re far more accurate for segmenting delinquent accounts than general risk predictors, such as behavior scores, because they assess characteristics specific to past-due accounts and predict what will happen in the next month or two — the relevant time-frame for collections and recovery treatments. You can also use recovery scores to set goals for outsourced accounts, align agency incentives and assess and compare segment-level agency performance.

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