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Cloud Native

Our cloud-native platform is deployed within the C&R Cloud and in partnership with AWS, providing the highest levels of security, availability and resilience.

Cloud native is the future

True digital transformation becomes a reality when cloud-native, seamless integration between applications is in place, and this is what’s possible with Debt Manager. Native integration with Salesforce is available. No CapEx investment is required by you. Time to production is fast. And scalability is unlimited.

99.999 %


1   million

accounts loaded in 3 mins


concurrent users with sub-second response times

Cloud native vs Cloud enabled

Debt Manager is cloud native not cloud enabled. This means its applications are initiated in the cloud, rather than being on-premises structures made up of legacy software enabled for the cloud. As a cloud-native platform, Debt Manager is managed and updated by C&R Software within the C&R Cloud, underpinned by Amazon Web Services.

Cloud native

Modern architecture built specifically for cloud infrastructure

Easy to deploy within existing cloud infrastructure

Simple automated upgrade process

Auto-scaling with business demand

Single infrastructure provides greater security and reliability

Cloud enabled

Legacy architecture forced into cloud infrastructure

Infrastructure needs to be custom built for each solution

Upgrades need to be scheduled and manually deployed

Requires environment upgrade to scale

Multi-instance environments require multi-instance security patching and monitoring

Easy to implement

Ease of implementation is a major advantage of cloud-native systems. The architecture can connect systems, devices and applications – hosted in the cloud or on premises – using APIs on a real-time basis.

Elastic scaling

Cloud-native applications are highly scalable, with real-time changes that are easy to make with no disruption to your service.

High availability

Cloud-native Debt Manager is always on, with over 99.999% uptime. If anything does ever go wrong, it can be restored quickly with minimal interruption to business.

Global deployments

Our cloud infrastructure is available across a number of AWS regions across the globe, so our solutions can support your organization globally.


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