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The transformative platform that enhances collections performance.

C&R Software empowers businesses to navigate debt recovery with solutions that prioritize both efficiency and empathy.

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Better Decisioning, 

FitLogic is the decision management solution that allows credit issuers to optimise every decision for the better.

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The All-in-One Collections Platform

Welcome to Debt Manager, the world’s leading cloud-native end-to-end solution for collections and recovery.

End-to-end collections and recovery.

Insights, analytics and predictive performance.

From pre-delinquency to final resolution, C&R Software uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to deliver an unprecedented insight into your debt portfolio.

Self-curing, automated workflows and collections.

High-performance workflows boost collections. Engage with customers effectively and purposefully, using preferred channels.

Compliance and best practices.

C&R Software boosts compliance adherence across your collections operation. Built in rules, limits and contact timelines ensure you can demonstrate your compliance.

Collect more, in less time.

Take the right action, at the right time, improve collections performance, all while empowering your team to work on the cases where they’re most effective.

Recession resilience.

Improve your processes, analyze your portfolio and create flexible, customer-specific offers that reduce the risk of default.

Open architecture & BYO algorithms.

Own your strategy, use your data as a competitive advantage and use feedback loops to enhance your algorithms to bolster performance for all types of debt.

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With more than $5 trillion managed and 100,000+ individual users, we’re working 
with some of the world’s most prestigious organizations in:

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See our latest research, technology developments and strategic insights for actionable information you can implement at your organization.

Ready to transform your collections & recovery process?

Discover how Debt Manager, the world’s leading system for collections and recovery, can help you humanize debt recovery and collect more.