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End-to-end collections management for the automotive industry.

C&R Software offers a customer-focused collections platform that builds loyalty while efficiently and effectively collecting outstanding debt.

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Capability that drives recovery performance

Recover more, retain more.

There’s no need for customer engagement to be a negative experience. With C&R Software’s configurable collections platform Debt Manager, you can resolve cases while maintaining a positive relationship with your customers.

Enhance the collection process.

Focus your resources on cases where you can make the biggest difference. Encourage customers early in the debt cycle to self-serve and even self-cure, while your resources can be better spent creating treatment plans for those less likely to cure.

“We’re constantly communicating with our vendors and readily sharing information to improve collections performance.”

Multinational Automotive Corporation, USA

Accelerating collections from end-to-end

C&R Software supports the automotive industry to take control throughout the entire debt collection cycle – from pre-collection, collections, and recovery, to debt sale, vendor and agency management, repossession, asset remarketing and more.

Identify vulnerable customers before they become delinquent.

Use algorithms, analytics and machine learning to identify vulnerable customers before they become delinquent. If they do fall behind, segment accounts into the most appropriate workflow based on risk profile, making it easier to self-cure.

A customer centric approach.

Increase your response rates and boost customer loyalty by integrating omnichannel communications into your collections process and incorporating Cara – our virtual assistant chatbot. Giving consumers both digital and traditional communication options helps ensure you’ll get in touch. Keep track of communication preferences within Debt Manager.

Empower, direct and collaborate with agencies and vendors.

Improve communications with your third-party vendors, such as repossessions agencies and vendors, to act and respond based on real-time data. Instruct your vendors to take the appropriate actions, all in accordance with communications you’ve made with your customers.

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