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Welcome to Debt Manager, the world’s leading cloud-native end-to-end solution for collections and recovery.

What is Debt Manager?

Debt Manager is our flagship product and the world’s leading system for collections and recovery.

If you’re searching for a simpler, more ordered and more effective way to manage collections, Debt Manager is the solution. It’s the leading cloud-native, end-to-end collections and recovery platform in the world.

Solutions like Debt Manager aren’t created overnight. It’s a solution that’s had over 2.5 million developer hours put into it. That’s just over 285 years of development work. And as it’s built on an open architecture, it’s easy to integrate and completely configurable.

The result is a solution tried and trusted by hundreds of organizations across banking, telecoms, healthcare, government, retail, debt purchase and auto, along with a high proportion of the world’s leading collections agencies themselves.

37 years

Debt Manager is built on 37 years of proven experience

2.5 million

Debt Manager has had 2.5 million developer hours put into it (that’s just over 285 years)

$ 4 trillion

$4 trillion is managed as a system of record on Debt Manager



Configurability instead of customization gives you the ability to quickly adapt to change without the need for expensive IT support or resources.

Proven and trusted

With 37 years in the business, no other provider has the depth of collections and recovery expertise in as many industries.

A state-of-the-art interface

Our world-class, highly configurable user interface improves productivity and creates a better experience for agents and customers.


Debt Manager drives pre-collections, collections, recovery, debt sale, vendor management, bankruptcy, repossession, asset marketing and more.

Cloud native

As a cloud-native solution, Debt Manager can be deployed quickly, scales on demand and avoids the cost of on-premises infrastructure.


Organizations using Debt Manager instead of building in-house have realized extensive savings – with lower maintenance and support costs, faster delivery and increased collection rates.

Enhanced Capabilities

We invest millions of dollars in our platform each year to introduce innovative new technology and capabilities, and to make sure Debt Manager integrates seamlessly with other solutions you might already be using:

Salesforce App

We can integrate information stored within Debt Manager into your Salesforce Platform, including balances, payments and recent written and verbal communications.


Cara is our AI chatbot which can be incorporated into any Debt Manager implementation. It’s proven that customers with accounts in collection prefer the self-service that an AI-powered chatbot provides.

Analytic Execution

Any good collection strategy relies on good data analytics. Deploy your own analytical models – built in languages including R and Python – resulting in faster and easier time to value.


Ready to get started?

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