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Welcome to the world’s leading system for collections and recovery.

Debt Manager is different

It’s a platform built on over 2.5 million developer hours and 40 years of proven experience. It’s cloud native and based on an open, elastic architecture. A comprehensive solution, it’s highly configurable – which means once it’s built, you’re in charge.

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Our technology is configurable and uses an open data model, which means no proprietary lock-in. It gives you the flexibility of an in-house build, with the reliability and convenience of an off-the-shelf solution.


Our platform is cloud native, meaning fast deployment, seamless integrations, unlimited scalability and no CapEx investment. It can also leverage the latest developments in technologies like AI as soon as they come online.


We work with partners so that our platform can be the central orchestrator of your entire collections operation. Our partners range from payment processors to email and letter providers.

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See the platform in action and see how utilities providers are using C&R Software to transform their efforts to collect, recover and resolve more debt.