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Collect more debt, faster and humanize collections.

C&R Software is the debt management solution that resolves more debt and humanizes collections.

The leading in debt collections software, empowering credit issuers with technology that humanizes every journey and resolves more debt.

Trusted by 7 of the top 8 banks in the United Kingdom.

Modernize collections with dedicated, proven technology.

100% Configurable.

A fully customizable and ultra-configurable system, offering the scalability needed to thrive in the ever-changing collections environment.


Our cloud-native platform, powered by Amazon Web Services, provides the highest levels of security, availability and resilience needed to keep your software running disruption-free.


Streamline your processes, act faster, and automate your outreach to customers using the most effective channel.


As an API-based data exchange, C&R Software connects your talent, your tools, your partners, and your vendors.

Adapt faster.

Identify and adapt to change faster, use machine learning to guide better outcomes and adapt to regulatory changes quickly.

Build resilience.

As an agile platform, C&R Software allows you to respond fast. Whether that’s in response to a pandemic, economic downturns, or new regulations – you’ll be well placed to win.

See how it all works.

Learn how industry leaders have taken a significant leap forward in their collections operations with C&R Software.

Achieving better outcomes across every industry.

Collectors, financial services businesses, digital banks, enterprises and government agencies are using C&R Software to achieve better outcomes, collect more, reach customers faster and cure debts while keeping customers happier.


Trusted by 5 top-ranked banks in the United Kingdom, 5 out of 7 leading financial institutions in the United States, and beyond.


Federal, national and regional Government’s make more effective, better collections with C&R Software.


Electricity, water, power and other utilities providers are keeping customer loyalty high and collecting more with C&R Software.


Effectively, automatically and compliantly reach the best outcomes with your customers.


A real-time, single source of truth. Segment customers and pick the best treatment path.

And more…

C&R Software provides 100% configurability; one platform for thousands of use cases, in every industry.

Transform your collections performance.

Recover more. Humanize collections. Reduce costs. Streamline operations. Learn more about what makes C&R Software the world’s leading debt management platform for organizations and government. Get in touch.