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Better decisioning, everywhere. Next gen decision management from C&R Software.

What is FitLogic? Powerful standalone decision management.

FitLogic is a standalone decision engine that makes complex credit decisioning simple. FitLogic integrates with any connectable credit system, providing you with powerful decision engines that operate throughout every stage of the credit lifecycle.

Using machine learning and advanced AI, FitLogic makes sophisticated decisioning accessible to business users. You can run champion/challenger tests and run better processes, without code and all in clicks.

FitLogic provides you with the capabilities to test, implement and deploy rules at scale. It performs with integrated dashboards, providing you with complete visibility, monitoring, and ease of problem solving. No specialist required.

The outcome? Better credit decisioning through enhanced data for the entire credit lifecycle. FitLogic improves decisioning performance, fast. It’s made for business users as well as data scientists, with an easy-to-read interface.


No code, no problem

The rules engine is designed with ease-of-use in mind.  It has a point and click interface that makes it easy to create rules, accompanied by a drag and drop dashboard creation process.

Integrated dashboard for easy monitoring

FitLogic’s fully integrated dashboards provide visibility of each of your systems and rules so you can easily monitor the quality of your operations. Quickly identify problems, run simulations to check for solutions, and efficiently implement changes.

Ease of integration

The FitLogic advanced rules engine is simple to incorporate into your tech stack with little to no interruptions. It fits any enterprise architectural model – whether it’s on-premises or SaaS.

Impressive machine learning capabilities

Designed for seamless integrations and modern solutions, FitLogic utilizes machine learning capabilities to study your customer data, provide sophisticated decision-making and learns from trends which can be applied to future customers.

Already a Debt Manager user?

FitLogic is available today for users on certain versions of Debt Manager. Speak to your sales lead today to see if FitLogic can be integrated with your current system.