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Why it pays to get the customer journey right   

Nedbank’s Naeem Abraham explains why customer focus is ‘in their DNA’

Getting the customer journey right is one of the most important things credit issuers can do.

In Naeem’s own words:

That’s the message from Naeem Abraham, Product Owner of Enterprise Collections at Nedbank, one of the leading banks in Southern Africa. Nedbank has partnered with C&R Software, using the Debt Manager solution to transform its collections and recovery process. The bank shares our people-first approach to helping customers on their journey to financial stability.

“Once the customer’s journey is mapped out, then you can understand their emotions and behavior,” says Naeem. “This gives you the pain points and opportunities to adopt into your strategy and planning.”

“And this is when you realise that both you and the client want the same thing – and that’s rehabilitation.”

Speaking in a video as part of last week’s Credit Summit presentation on the customer journey by John McMahon, C&R Software’s VP Head of Sales, Naeem explains that one of the key drivers at Nedbank is client-centricity. “At Nedbank we are really trying to live this, embed it into our DNA and into everything we do.”

“In this absolute relentless pursuit, the client journey and journey mapping play a fundamental role in not just understanding our client but using it to drive our priorities,” he says.

“Once you start getting into this mindset, you start looking at client solutions as opposed to only risk mitigation,” says Naeem. “It is then a natural transition to embed this into your technology and your process and people.”

Learn more about C&R Software’s Debt Manager solution here.


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