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Debt Buyers

Data-driven debt collections software for debt buyers

Streamlined collections with integrated AI, machine learning and automation in one end-to-end platform.

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C&R Software helps debt buyers quickly reach and productively engage with customers at scale.

At C&R Software, we know process speed matters for debt buyers. Alongside that, there’s also the need to ensure the correct and efficient management of potentially thousands of accounts for the recovery of non-performing loans (NPLs).

We help debt buyers bring efficiency and optimization to their customer management processes without compromising performance or experience. Our technology supports full integration of AI, machine learning and segmentation capabilities to not only speed up processes, but ensure customers are provided with humanized experiences at scale.

Process efficiency and customer management work hand in hand

Recovering NPLs involves a significant number of processes which need to be performed efficiently and effectively. In modern industries, these processes also need to be supportive and humanized for customers to resolve their debt. Both of these factors go hand in hand, held as priorities to enhance performance.

AI-tools and machine learning capabilities to optimize efficiency

Optimize your processes by integrating AI capabilities that automate time consuming tasks such as data entry, account management and reminders via preferred communication channels.

Segmentation and treatment paths to ensure humanization

Use segmentation and machine learning tools to organize accounts and data so you can implement effective NPL recovery strategies without sacrificing the individual experience of the customer.

A humanized experience for customers, an optimized process for debt buyers

Interpret data in real-time

Debt Manager is able to interpret data in context with analytical models and historical examples, all in real-time. The result is efficient data analysis and data-driven processes to speed up your systems.

Automate manual tasks to boost efficiency.

C&R Software lets you automate manual tasks in line with your own workflows and algorithms. You can operationalize and streamline processes without extra work from your team, saving valuable time and effort.

Integrate machine learning to segment and succeed.

AI and machine learning capabilities can segment customers based on account characteristics and historical data. From there, you can upload treatment paths for each group, bringing layers of process efficiency while providing personalized and humanized debt resolution solutions.

Learn how you can bring optimization and humanization to the debt collection process

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