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End-to-end debt collections software for financial institutions.

Take the next step in collections. Adopt flexible, effective treatment paths that show your customers you care.

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C&R Software has been working closely with financial institutions including retail and challenger banks, alternative lenders and loan service providers all over the world for 40 years.

The pace of change has accelerated exponentially, through technology, rapidly changing consumer preferences, new regulations and laws, and entirely new ways to engage and contact your customers.

We’ve been helping financial institutions create exceptional experiences for their customers throughout debt collection and recovery. To start, we provide the technology to contact customers through their preferred contact channels that become the basis for ongoing positive engagement.

Engaging customers has never been the same.

Contact preferences – and privacy laws – have never been what they look like today. Baked-in best practices using the channels consumers want and are most likely to engage mean a more seamless, less friction process. Debt Manager operates in an open architecture, giving customers the ability to connect to any API-based platform, centralize workflows, and streamline customer contact.

Defaults are on the rise.

Consumers are using more credit now than ever before. In the United States, credit card debt reached a record $930 billion in 2022, rising 18% from the year before. Increased credit card use means one thing: delinquencies will soon follow suit.

Every case is extenuating.

Become equipped to deal with every difficult case quickly and effectively. C&R Software helps you adopt a highly flexible, powerfully automated and business rules-backed response throughout the collections process.

Technology that empowers users, supercharges collections and engages customers brilliantly.

Bring together your algorithms, business rules, records, history and analytics in one centralized place. Feed data to your communications tools, build powerful, analytics-backed treatment paths and make business decisions based on historical data and trends, no guesses you hope work.

Configurable to its core, so everyone wins.

C&R Software puts the power of high-fidelity configurability in your hands, without the need for technical knowhow. Configure powerful workflows, operationalize your own algorithms, create streamlined user experiences and adapt to regulation, strategy and other changes quickly.

Native to the cloud. At home in your institution.

Debt Manager is a cloud-native solution, powered by AWS. Make changes quickly at business-scale without needing to engage your technical team at every step. You focus on your job, we’ll focus on making it a seamless, productive process, with less stress for you and your customers.

Intuitive SaaS that operationalizes your algorithms.

No more self-hosting. No more steep technical learning curves. C&R Software offers an easy-to-use, fast to manage, highly powerful and scalable cloud-native solution in Debt Manager.

Major financial institutions around the world trust Debt Manager. We’ll show you why.

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