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Stay ahead of the curve. Choose the platform that simply does more, better.

Migrate to the platform that simplifies collections and recovery, all while making every interaction that little 
more human.

Migrating to C&R Software is seamless.

C&R Software is the global leader in collections and recovery. We’re the best-in-class solution, with dedicated technology catered for every aspect of the debt lifecycle.

Simply, it has all the capabilities of your existing platform, with the power to do more.

With dedicated migrations specialists, you will be transitioned over seamlessly. We’ll work with you to deliver a frictionless migration plan that will get the best technology into your hands, quickly.

Make collections simpler. Empower yourself with better technology. Humanize every engagement with your customers. Transform and future-proof your department with C&R Software.
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C&R Software puts you ahead of the curve.

Take advantage of cloud-native collections, with powerful integrations and AI-powered features that make everything faster, more effective, and customer-centric. See how we stack-up:

The Competition

  • Cloud-hosted
  • Code and development required to change
  • Inaccessible databases
  • Limited AI features, limited new features
  • Some migration support, with setup in months (and sometimes years).
  • Cloud-native
  • Fully configurable in clicks, no-code
  • Recognised System of Record
  • Enable self-service with chatbots and scalable features
  • Dedicated migration support

A powerful rules engine, enabled by your algorithms.

Rules-driven treatment path automation guided by your algorithms. C&R Software helps you collect more, more quickly, and reach customers using the best contact channel.

A faster time to more value, delivered by dedicated specialists.

As the strongest end-to-end collections platform, we’re made for migration. Even for major international banks, they can realise a fast time to value, in just a matter of weeks.

Everything’s future-proof. From customer treatment, to user configurability.

Are you ready to get the power of full, uncompromising configurability? See how you can become an agile, effective team that collects more while becoming more human. Get the full white paper on Configurability in C&R Software.

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C&R Software integrates with our omnichannel tool in real time. We could have done this with any tool, such is how configurable the system is.

Senior Collections Manager, Major UK Retail Bank.

See why we’re the number one choice for humanising, simplifying and improving collections.

Take the first step to transform collections in your organization.