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Transforming how the utilities industry collects and recovers debt.

C&R Software creates 100% configurable, cloud-native platforms that integrate with just about everything.

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It’s a more human approach that drives collections performance.

The right customer treatment, for the right collections result. Humanize your collections approach by using real insights to guide your treatment paths. Orchestrate and implement an analytical approach to help you become more efficient while meeting the needs of every single exception that’s presented. When you equip your collections team members with an intuitive user interface, you empower them with an effective work process, reducing churn and contributing to a better working environment that’s more progressive and productive.

Elicit more self-curing through self-service.

Using highly configurable workflows, driven by data-driven rules engines and segmentation AI, you can drive self-service and self-curing for accounts that are likely to do just that. Use powerful integration capabilities to connect to your communications channels and drive self-curing using omnichannel collections.

Transforming the entire collections industry.

We’re supporting the advancement of the entire collections industry. Our platform puts customers first: centralizing customer data and using this to inform and optimize decisions. You deploy rules and decisioning engines that optimize treatment paths, taking into account the makeup of your team, your third-party vendors and your recovery targets.

C&R Software supports some of the world’s most prestigious and large utilities companies in their efforts to transform their debt collections and recovery operations. We’re pioneering a new approach that focuses on giving customers the right treatment and getting the right result.

Adopt a fresh, effective approach to collections that pays for itself

Integrated and connected.

C&R Software’s philosophy prioritizes an open environment, which means integrations with legacy systems and API-based communications are easy to do. Streamlining your systems and getting your infrastructure aligned and ready with regard to modern technology and tools means your digital capabilities soar, as does your collections effectiveness and efficiencies.

Experience the cloud.

Operating in a cloud-native environment equips your team with a platform that’s resilient, ultra-scalable, manageable and fast. In this era of hybrid working, where multiple remote teams are collaborating, cloud is the best way to bring your systems, people and infrastructure together in perfect alignment.

Generate insights, not just information.

Build a better understanding of your customers. Gain the insight you need to optimize your treatment paths, optimize your decisioning and tailor offers to customers across the entire debt cycle.

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