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Transforming debt collections for telecommunications.

C&R Software creates 100% configurable, cloud-native platforms that integrate with just about everything.

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Supporting you with world-class technology

Integrate, enrich and accelerate. C&R Software’s product philosophy prioritizes integrations and API-based communications with your existing solutions. We’re passionate about saving your organization time, linking up your systems and getting your infrastructure aligned to efficiently build you more capability.

Cloud-native is the natural choice.

Operating in a cloud-native environment equips your team with a platform that’s resilient, ultra-scalable, manageable and fast. In this era of hybrid working, where multiple remote teams are collaborating, cloud is the only way to bring your systems, people and infrastructure together in perfect harmony.

Industry-beating time to value.

Untangle complexity and start drawing value from your data, algorithms and technology sooner. C&R Software supports you through every step of integration – from solution design, migration, project planning, go-live and ongoing support.

C&R Software creates world-class debt recovery and collections platforms that transform how telecommunications companies interact and engage with their customers. Our platforms enable telecommunications companies to adopt a humanized, yet efficient and data-driven approach that improves relationships with customers, boosts debt resolution and minimizes disconnect rates.

Humanizing collections in the telecommunications industry

Increase loyalty.

Every interaction with a customer matters. An unresolved debt has a real customer behind it. C&R Software creates platforms that give you the ability to optimize your treatment paths to handle potentially vulnerable customers with care and affection.

Embrace self-service.

Introduce effective omnichannel collections initiatives that give accounts the ability to self-cure. Use automated workflows to prompt accounts to resolve their debt early on in the debt cycle – or to handover high-risk accounts to specialists.


Streamline your operations by unifying and orchestrating your systems with C&R Software. Reduce your administrative overhead, giving you and your team the ability to focus on the work that matters most. Plus, data-driven segmentation can automatically assign tasks to the best-fit person, vendor, or even issue a debt to a debt purchaser.

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